Your Best Financial Life

Save Smart Now for the Future You Want

Anne Lester—former head of retirement solutions for JPMorgan—blends science and experience to help people under 45 save for their best possible future. 


Most 20-, 30-, and 40-somethings are anxious about the future. Emerging from the pandemic, they’ve had to discover their place in the AI revolution. Hybrid work rules aren’t clear. The idea of saving makes them squirm. Imagine they had one thing to depend on: the life changing power of compound returns.

Enter industry legend, Anne Lester. In Your Best Financial Life, Anne provides actionable solutions for the challenges Millennials and Gen Zers face saving for retirement. Drawing on her own experience, research, and humor, Anne meets readers where they are to help them:

  • Understand their behaviors around money
  • Balance saving with paying off debt and big life goals
  • Hack their brains and build their retirement S.T.A.S.H.

And so much more. Written with compassion and empathy, Your Best Financial Life is the book that Millennials and Gen Zers who are anxious about money—and their future—have been waiting for.

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About the Author

Speaker, media commentator, and industry legend Anne Lester is on a mission to help Americans achieve a secure retirement. No one is more qualified: Most recently, Anne spent 20 years as head of retirement solutions for JPMorgan Asset Management. She is a regular contributor on an array of retirement issues for CNBC, Bloomberg, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and countless industry publications. 

Praise for Anne Lester

A pioneer and innovator.

Anne brings smarts, compassion, and humor to an intimidating topic.

A trusted voice.

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Available March 2024 

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